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Our Services

Our Services

No Matter How You Choose To Team Up With Us, We’ll Be Right There By Your Side, Working Together To Meet Your Hiring Needs And Bring The Best Talent To You


Here’s How We Make It Happen…


Suitable for ongoing and significant talent needs.

Best for high-volume hiring or building new teams.

Provides scalability, efficiency, and access to advanced technology and expertise.

Payment: Customized payment terms (fixed monthly fees, cost per hire, or combination).

What Is Included

Completely integrated within your team (including emails, internal communication, ATS, LinkedIn)

  • Establish prospective talent networks
  • Compose and publish job advertisements
  • Deliver market analysis
  • Facilitate onboarding and administrative tasks
  • Assess and improve existing interview processes
  • Thorough market research findings
  • Foster relationships with hiring managers
  • Enhance brand visibility
  • Provide regular progress updates
  • Proficient in utilizing cutting-edge recruitment technology
  • Offer guidance on hiring plans and strategies
  • Introduce innovative technology to the team
  • Share professional expertise and knowledge
  • Contribute to the overall hiring strategy

Suitable for critical or high-level executive positions.

Best when you require a thorough and targeted search.

Offers personalized attention and committed search efforts.

Suitable when you need to fill a position quickly.

Payment: Retainer fee upfront + success fee upon successful placement (percentage of salary).



Cost-effective: You only pay the fee upon successful placement.

Access to a wide candidate pool, including passive job seekers. The increased success rate in finding qualified candidates vs in-house.

Flexibility and scalability for various hiring needs.

Payment: A small engagement fee + a fee charged only upon successful hire (percentage of salary or fixed amount).

Suitable for short-term or project-based staffing needs.

Ideal for temporary positions or specialized skills.

Offers flexibility without long-term commitments.

Payment: Predetermined hourly or daily rate for contracted talent.



In-Depth Market Knowledge

We possess extensive expertise in navigating the industry landscape. Through diligent analysis, we identify the most relevant target companies tailored to your unique requirements.

Personalized Attention

We understand the importance of individualized support throughout the hiring process. You can expect exceptional service and dedicated assistance to ensure your success.

Expert Guidance

We provide comprehensive consultation at every stage of the hiring process. Our guidance will help you optimize your employer brand’s impact in the market.

Transparent Progress Updates

Keeping you informed is our priority. You will receive regular reports highlighting the progress of the search and any challenges encountered along the way.

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